Wild Recipes

If you look close enough, you’ll see that there are wild herbs and vegetables growing everywhere. Gardeners may call them weeds, we call them local delicacies. Treasures from the nearby bush. And they are free for everyone to go nuts about!

You can use them to spice up your everyday meals, dips, ice creams, puddings and smoothies. As you get used to the aromatic and versatile tastes that each wild plant carries, your idea of salad plants will never be the same again. Soon, wild plants will replace also other ingredients in your meals, snacks, drinks and desserts and in the end, even take their seat as a main dish.

Wild plants are not only tasty, super nutritious and healthy, but they are also climate friendly food, since the plants grow naturally in their native environment. The carbon footprint of a self-picked wild plant can be as little as zero!

Even though Helsinki Wildfoods manufactures and sells easy to use just add mixes to help make our customers' daily lives ecological, tasty and nutritious, most of all we want to inspire and encourage each and every one to go explore their nearby nature and forage for themselves. That’s why we hope you explore our pages and educational videos to help you get started on your foraging adventure. On the other hand, we hope our just add mixes can teach you how to use wild edible plants in your home cooking in a hassle free and easy manner.