What does TAIGA mean?

luontopolku, nature path, Espoo central park
Taiga is the biome located near the top of the world and the growing environment of our northern wild herbs, veggies, mushrooms, berries and trees, such as birch, pine and spruce. About 15 percents of the world's area is taiga.
Taiga reminds us also of the Finnish word taika, which means magic. For us, the word taiga resonates the magic that can be found from our clean forests and meadows and reminds us also that the magic potion to holistic wellbeing is stored in the depths of our natural environment. On top of all that, the magic of taiga is free for every one of us to get excited about.
Taste the Taiga is also the name of our online store and the hashtag we use to tag the most delicious taiga recipes: #tastethetaiga.
Have a magical week you all – taikaa ja taigaa viikkoon!