wild herbs

In addition to offering high quality, tasty Finnish natural food products, Helsinki Wildfoods organizes wild food foraging walks and workshops, produces publications as well as offers consultation.

All our products and services share the common goal of inspiring people to explore the world of wild edible plants, berries and mushrooms and to favour them in home cooking and skin care. We want to encourage our customers and supporters to gather wild plants for their own use and above all else, to enjoy the nearby nature that continues to amaze and support us and our wellbeing even in the hustle of big cities.  

Our mission is to uplift Finnish cuisine and nature tourism and to increase the gathering of wild foods and the organic farming of our native plants. Many of our native plant varieties are better suited for organic cultivation on Finnish soil as compared to many foreign plant varieties. Not only this, but we believe the fascinating history and stories related to food from Finnish nature are simply too important to be forgotten.