From May 2019, our delicious products will be available under our new brand: METTÄ, along with some new-comers. 
Please follow the link to discover our new METTÄ brand. 


Note that some of our sale products have a best before date coming up in the next months or so. Not to worry! We use high quality dried berries, herbs, mushrooms and Arctic oats that enjoy a long shelf life, so in real life our products stay fresh and pure even longer than the best before date suggests. That's just something we must have printed on the pouches. Reduce food waste and respect the environment by choosing dried plant based products that enjoy long shelf life and don't need energy for stowage and can be used in various different ways in cooking.

Tip! Order sustainably by making larger single orders. Free shipping for orders over 50€.

Did you know? The endless summer nights and crisp Nordic winters are the features responsible for making our native plants true superfoods filled with antioxidants, vitamins and polyphenols. Read more about the extraordinary Nordic growing conditions and our native diet here.

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