'Just Add' Trio: Wild Berry Bowl, Forest Salsa, Nettle Pesto


Helsinki Wildfoods’ new 'Just Add' product range consists of different natural, dried herb, berry and mushroom mixes for a variety of daily uses. The best part about the Nettle Pesto, Forest Salsa and Wild Berry Bowl is that you can reduce food waste by choosing exactly how much of the ready product you want to make and with what base – no more moldy pesto jars in the fridge and the freedom to mix our Nordic flavours with a local, delicious, your preferred base. And they are all vegan too!

Here is your perfect chance to try out all of our new 'Just Add' products and save up to 15% – Nettle Pesto, Forest Salsa and Wild Berry Bowl all in one package!


Wild Berry Bowl

Our Wild Berry Bowl contains wild berries, birch leaves, nettle, oats and a sprinkle of birch sugar allowing your senses to pamper in the natural and pure Nordic flavours. Simply just add your favourite milk, yogurt, cream or non-dairy alternative like oat or almond milk and enjoy as a delicious and nutritious breakfast raw porridge, snack or smoothie on the go. Wild berries and natural herbs from the cleanest nature in the world are rich in antioxidants and vitamins while Finnish oats have been found to help reduce blood cholesterol levels and birch sugar (xylitol) has long been associated with improved dental health. Xylitol also contains 40% less calories than traditional white sugar. When enjoyed with yoghurt, a few teaspoons is enough, when with milk or a dairy free alternative the mixing ratio is 2:3.

  • 100% Finnish ingredients
  • 20% freeze-dried* berries
  • 62 % Arctic Oats of which 77 % is whole grain**
  • High in fiber (16%)


Nettle Pesto

Our Nettle Pesto is a delicious and sustainable alternative to your traditional pesto. Just add some of your favourite vegetable oil, a splash of water and prepare just the right amount of pesto for each occasion. Use our nettle pesto like you would any traditional pesto; spread it on top of breads, mix with your favourite pastas, enjoy as an exciting salad dressing or a delicious condiment to any meal. It’s also 100% vegan!

32% hemp
32% herbs
26% protein


Forest Salsa 

Our Forest Salsa dip mixt blends well into a condiment for tortillas, a delicious sauce for fish, game or vegetable dishes, a salad dressing or simply as a dip for vegetables or crisps. Flaxseeds bring this natural Finnish mixture a smooth and decadent texture with the additional bonus of added fibre and healthy fats while the while the northern power herb angelica adds delicate tones of parsley-like flavours.

  • Finnish flaxseed 20%
  • spruce sprout 15%
  • sea buckthorn berry 14%
  • 71-85% of ingredients are Finnish depending on availability.


Helsinki Wildfoodsin 'Just Add' -tuotteet ovat suunniteltu arjen eri aterioiden tarpeita varten. Koivua, nokkosta, villimarjoja ja kauraa sisältävä Wild Berry Bowl -raakapuuro sopii niin aamupalaksi, välipalaksi kuin jälkiruokien täytteeksi. Nokkosta, vuohenputkea ja hamppua sisältävä nokkospesto sopii niin lounaan, välipalan kuin illallisenkin raaka-aineeksi. Tyrniä, kuusenkerkkää ja pellavansiemeniä sisältävä Forest Salsa sopii sekä illan herkutteluhetkiin että kastikkeeksi villikalalle, salaatille, uunijuureksille, hampurilaisille tai tortilloille. Lisää vain haluamasi pohja esimerkiksi lähituottajasi valikoimista tai erityisruokavaliosi mukaisesti ja valmista juuri sen verran valmista tuotetta kuin kerralla tarvitset. Myöhemmin keväällä 2018 on tulossa myös 'Just Add' -sienikastike ja -villivihermehu, joten pysykää kuulolla.

Kokeile kaikkia uusia 'Just Add' -tuotteitamme ja säästä jopa 15% – Nettle Pesto, Forest Salsa ja Wild Berry Bowl kaikki samassa paketissa.