Upcoming workshops 2021

Upcoming workshops 2021

January 11, 2021

There are enormous amounts of superfood growing in the nearby forests of Helsinki Capital Region – wild and free! I welcome you to learn about Finnish wild herbs and vegetables. I take you to visit the beautiful Northern nature of ours and teach you to identify the most common and delicious wild foods. In addition, the attendees will learn how to use wild herbs in cooking and get a handout about the common wild herbs to their e-mail after the workshop. The attendants will also learn different plant stories, their nutritional values, their folklore, mystery and history. A minimum of 15 edible wild plants are usually covered.

Helsinki Wildfoods organize foraging walks in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Nurmijärvi. Due to current restrictions, only 9 participants can attend the workshops. So book your place soon! Book your spot at our foraging guide Anna's web shop


The foraging adventure is led by licensed wild food counselor and biologist Anna Nyman and licensed natural herb and berry counselor Pauliina Toivanen. Anna is also studying herbal medicine and will graduate in 2021. An e-book that will be sent afterwards to the attendants' e-mail addresses.