Picture of a Just Add Wild Mushroom Sauce in Pie with spruce Helsinki Wildfoods

Annika Hannus July 05, 2018

Wild Mushroom Pie / Villi sienipiiras

Our Wild Mushroom Sauce can be used to make sauces, soups and stews, but it also works really nice as a pie filling. 

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picture of potato salad with nettle pesto and forest salsa

Aino Huotari April 24, 2018

Potato Salad with Nettle Pesto or Forest Salsa

Potato salad is a traditional Finnish May Day dish and this year you can try two wild sauce options – with Nettle Pesto or Forest Salsa!

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Easy Wild Berry Raw Cake

Aino Huotari February 23, 2018

Easy Wild Berry Raw Cake

Level up your wild food cooking skills easily; learn how our 'Just Add' Wild Berry Bowl turns into a tasty and healthy raw cake base.

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dairy-free mushroom salad

Annika Hannus December 01, 2017

Dairy-free Mushroom Salad

An easy and tasty mushroom salad flavoured with dandelion and yarrow is a perfect add to the christmas menu.

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