Nettle Blueberry Bliss Balls with Pea Protein

Nettle Blueberry Bliss Balls with Pea Protein

March 19, 2018

The secret to inventing easy vegan recipes is to find few versatile ingredients that you find comfortable working with and shaping these components into new formats. You might have already noticed that the ingredients used in these Nettle Blueberry Bliss Balls are pretty much the same as the ones used in the latest Wild Blueberry Nettle Granola recipe.

Bliss balls are an easy raw snack or dessert and an excellent way to make the use of those half empty pouches of seeds, nuts and dried fruits forgotten in the back of your larder. The dates serve (again) as the main sweet ingredient and our Nettle Crush and Wild Blueberry Crush with Birch Sugar give this mellow and rich vegan dessert a nice amount of nutrients such as vitamin C, E, iron and fibre.

VegeSun's Pea Protein Crush is one of my favourite vegan sources of protein. The crush contains 60% of protein and the mild flavour and crunchy texture works perfectly with both sweet and salty dishes. When soaked in water for few minutes the pea crush turns into a soft pulp – like our Finnish herb and vegetable crushes!


Nettle Blueberry Bliss Balls with Pea Protein

Soak in water for 15 minutes and pour the additional water away. Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix with a powerful blender or with hands.

Shape into balls. Dip the balls into a bowl filled with 1dl of coconut flakes and 2tsp of Wild Blueberry Crush. Let the balls sit in a refrigerator for 1/2h. Serve cooled and store in cold.


Read more about the benefits of blueberry and nettle on our Wild Plants section!


Photos: Pauliina Toivanen


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