Let the Leaves Turn

Let the Leaves Turn

August 22, 2017

Helsinki Wildfoods Oy was officially founded in Spring 2016. Within a year, our product line has bloated to 28 high quality natural food products. We have sold over 15 000 food product items in Finland, all of which we have made by hand all the way from logo and label graphics to packaging and deliveries. We have held over 50 foraging walks and published our debut book with one of Finland’s biggest publishers WSOY.

However, until this day, our biggest concern has been that we still haven't been able to answer your calls and get our renowed nettle pesto in a pouch. Even though Nettle Crush has been our most popular product and it has even the nettle pesto recipe printed on the back, we know you are craving for more – for the nettle pesto to be prepared and enjoyed easily during those days you don't have the opportunity to go forage and get that tasty piece of fresh Finnish nature on your plate.

We are happy to tell you that the famous nettle pesto is finally on its way to your home kitchens, purses and backpacks. While we were developing the nettle pesto we also came up with some other fun and tasty just add product ideas that are easy to prepare and enjoy and can help you to invent more ways to use all the exciting plants that the Finnish nature has to offer.


New just add products

Here we go! Last Spring, we put our wild minds together and came up with a solution to answer all your cravings: a product family of just add products that are easy to use and enjoy but also to improvise with.

At first (finally), we’ll be seducing you with the Nettle Pesto: just add oil and you’ll get a protein rich spread on your bread or a sauce to be enjoyed with your pasta or salad. Second, we’ll be enticing your taste buds with Wild Berry Bowl with seasonal Finnish herbs: just add water or oat milk and you’ll have an energising and delicious smoothie bowl to be enjoyed as a breakfast or as a snack. You can even make a frosting or stuffing out of it that will give a rich taste of Finnish wild berries to your favourite desserts.

Third we’ll take you on a foraging walk to a northern wild herb meadow that offers the most aromatic ingredients to spice up your meals. Just add unrefined sea salt or oil with our Forest Salsa and make your own herbal salt or salad dressing. Just add cream and dip in your carrots, cucumbers and chips or use the Forest Salsa as a taco or hamburger sauce.

just add products


New site and a meeting place

For enthusiastic entrepreneurs like us, reducing from 28 products to three ain’t that easy so we must admit that there might be a few more just add mixtures on the making. But this time we’ll try to hold our horses and tell you more, once we know what you think of the first trio.

And because we are a nature brand, we won’t be serving you only natural food experiences. Our goal is that our new online platform will be a news site and a global meeting place, where you can learn about ecological lifestyle options, natural cosmetics and practical movement, holistic health and about saving the beautiful planet of ours, with a hint of urban anarchy.

We don’t have all the answers and we can’t change the world by ourselves – that´s why we need you to join us, share your stories and views and be part of a bigger change, where humans learn to respect and enjoy their surrounding environment and want to use their nearby nature as their cicerone to holistic wellbeing.

We are super exited to hear what you think all of this! Please contact us to give us your feedback or post a comment below.

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