Have a Heart

Have a Heart

August 23, 2017

Many things are alright in our world, but there are also many things we'd like to change. On a big scale: stop the wars, climate change, secure equality and human rights. On a more singular level: feel good, be healthy and able to move, stay mentally balanced and respect the people around you.

On a social level, as a growth company, we’d like to revolutionise how we see business and profits: if your profit is gained by causing loss to the environment or other people, can you honestly call it a profit? We want to change the way businesses tend to be focused only in numbers and money rather than overall health that should emerge from collaborating and doing business together.



dandelion braid

Helsinki Wildfoods' core values are respect, transparency and courage. We respect our nature, suppliers and team mates and do our best on making decisions that are fair also resource wise as we don’t want our nature to be running out of wild and free food.

Transparency means that we are true to ourselves and our customers, we tell where our raw materials come from. If the plants being used are organically cultivated instead of gathered we’ll open up why.

Courage means that we are brave enough to change our direction and innovate new business models if something is not manufactured in a respectful and transparent manner. We need also courage to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of the Finnish herb revolution, since there are a bunch of EU food regulations that need to be updated to the modern era. The knowledge and history of Finnish native plants goes all the way to our national epos Kalevala, but nowadays, most of our plants are registered as novel foods.


Together We Can

Aino, Anna, Annika, Johanna, Pauliina

Sometimes we feel like giving up when confronted with the large scale issues that feel out of our reach, too complex to comprehend. We feel like there's nothing we can do. In times like these we just need to hold on to the power we have as a smart, conscious, respectful and caring community of people from different origins. We should remember that together we can make it, no one has to do it alone.

The things you do today can be very simple and small scale. But when we add up all of our little doings for a better tomorrow, we form a bigger unit of change makers, risk takers and nature lovers.

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