Finnish Herb Revolution

Finnish Herb Revolution

August 23, 2017

Wild food is so much more than just weeds, herbs and vegetables. It is a lifestyle that invites you on a journey to a wellness oasis that lurks in our backyards, filled with superfood and nature’s wonders. Wild food hobby flavours and nourishes your home cooking but it also nurtures your body naturally with practical movement, relaxation and the feeling of being present in the now – wildfulness.

Welcome to Helsinki Wildfoods' virtual wilds. We wish our pages will inspire you to learn more about the nature, share your thoughts and be part of a bigger change. And we’d be happy to hear out your ideas, reviews and topics that you’d want us to dig into. The things you do today can be very simple and small scale. But when we add up all of our little doings for a better tomorrow, we form a bigger unit of change makers, risk takers and nature lovers. 

We call it a Finnish herb revolution!


Wild food


If you look close enough you’ll see that there are wild herbs and vegetables growing everywhere. Gardeners may call them weeds, we call them local delicacies. And they are free for everyone to go nuts about!

You can use them to spice up your everyday meals, dips, nice creams, puddings and smoothies. As you get used to the aromatic and versatile tastes that each wild plant carries your idea of salad plants will never be the same again. Soon, wild plants will replace also other ingredients in your meals, snacks, drinks and desserts and in the end, even rise as main courses.

Wild plants are not only tasty, super nutritious and healthy, but they are also climate friendly food, since the plants grow naturally in their chosen growth environment. The carbon footprint of a self-picked wild plant can be as less as zero!

Even though Helsinki Wildfoods manufactures and sells easy to use just add mixes to help you make easy, ecological, tasty and nutritious meals and snacks, we most of all want to encourage our customers to go explore their nearby nature and forage also for themselves. That’s why we always have a photo of the plant on our pouches. Currently, we are also working on some videos that will help you learn to recognize the plants that we are using in our products. On the other hand, we hope our products can teach you how to use wild edible plants in your home cooking as well.




You probably practice wildfulness already when foraging. When you are squatting in the ground level and observing the plants, you are consciously wondering how they look, how they feel, how they taste, how they smell and where they grow. Even though your thoughts might drift to your home kitchen for a moment to mull over all the recipes that you can create from the plants, a distant wild bush will lure you back to the nature around you in a heartbeat.

The studies have shown, that just gazing at green nature decreases your blood pressure and stress levels in five minutes, which makes the conscious presence even more easier. The nature offers also a wild range of voices, fragrances, smells, shapes and colours that activate your senses. The nature makes you feel free, playful and even animally wild.

Helsinki Wildfoods invites you to seek ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing by introducing you with the nurturing powers that lie within wildfulness, the conscious presence in the nature. In addition to wildfulness, nature is also an inspiring place to practice natural movement with bodyweight, gravity and all the fun obstacles that our wild outdoor gym has to offer. Wildfulness is on of the easiest solutions to holistic wellbeing.


Natural skincare

finnish herb bath

In addition to our traditional food culture, Finnish wild herbs and flowers have been used because of their beautifying and healing effects. The fresh forest scents of herbal face masks, body scrubs, foot and hand baths, tonic waters and creams have seduced us to the world of wildfulness already for centuries – way before the whole term of wildfulness was invented.

Vasta or vihta, a bath whisk made out of birch leaves (the name depends on which part of Finland you come from) is probably the most famous Finnish spa treatment and it has still a significant role in our sacred sauna traditions. The Finnish sauna traditions are a chapter of its own; the sauna is our national pride, our common church, place to relax, shoot the breeze and cleanse. No matter the gender, age, size, sexual orientation or skin colour, everyone is equal in the sauna. The Finnish sauna rituals are filled with mystique and humour, which come to life under the midnight sun. Our native herbs have a long history of use also in love potions for brides to come.

Each Helsinki Wildfoods member has been a huge fan of natural skincare even before we went wild about Finnish herbs and veggies. We believe that what we put on our skin should be something we can also eat, simple as that. We want to share our most delicious DIY natural cosmetics recipes, but also bring out other interesting natural skincare brands that make the use of their indigenous and native plants.


Save the wilds

birch tree

Climate-smart agriculture and healthier, more sustainable and local food is one way to participate in slowing down the climate change. Wild herbs, vegetables and berries are all part of the ecosystems that are threatened by climate change and other human caused changes in the natural environment. We see our business and its success to be in straight connection with the surrounding environment, and therefore, it is one of our top priorities to do the best we can to protect our planet and also educate and teach others to do the same.

As a small company, we still have a long road ahead of us when preventing the disasters that climate change carries. Whether you are a farmer, consumer or a parent, now is the time to join us on our mission against climate change. The climate conscious natural health industry has a lot to offer to each and every one of us. Helsinki Wildfoods is a wider movement that we wish to spread all over Finland and to other countries as well in the form of a well planned sustainable business concept based on ecologically used natural resources.

Our team consists of professional journalists and photographers whose focus is in producing high quality content that gives our followers valuable and practical information about sustainable lifestyle options ­– we feel that it’s our responsibility as entrepreneurs, public influencers and content producers. We support organizations that work to minimise the human caused ecological footprint and to sustain the diversity and wellbeing of our nearby nature. If you want to join our movement, share our values and are interested in advertising or selling products in our online platform or want to share your own stories about environment, don't hesitate to contact us


Explore the wilds

yyteri dunes

Each country in the world has their own wild native plants that have mesmerizing stories to tell about our ancestors whose tips could still be useful in our modern world. When travelling you can learn a lot about the foreign food culture, their history and local cures by getting to know the native and edible wild plants. Particularly in the Chinese and Indian medicine, wild plants have an important role in the holistic lifestyle practices; wild plants are being used both externally in cosmetics and aromatherapy and internally as food ingredients and supplements. In turn, in Western societies, many of us have forgotten the power that lies within our native wild plants.

Helsinki Wildfoods wants to make a difference and rise knowledge about these forgotten delicacies of our forests and meadows and rise our wild plants to the most honourable position in our dining tables, beauty bags and medicine cabinets. While educating us about our travel destination, nature traveling calms our mind and gives us natural movement – wildfulness. 

Nature travelling goes hand in hand with fair travelling. Even though travelling is one of the largest environmental burdens, at its best it can help improve infrastructure and encourage locals to protect and see the value of their unique nature. We encourage our fellow travellers to travel by electric vehicles, eat local food and support local and responsible service and accommodation providers. A fair traveller shares both her stuff and stories and tries to re-use and consume what already exists.


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