Don't Buy It: Black Friday Destroys Our Environment

Picture of a Finnish forest and a Green Friday add

November 22, 2018

Hooray! Black Friday 2018 is (again) expected to be the biggest day of spending the western world has ever seen.

Wait a minute.

If we're not paying for the goods we consume today, then who is?

Even though we might think we’re saving loads of money on this marvellous day of overconsumption called Black Friday, in reality, when taking up the lion’s share of planet’s resources to satisfy our illusions of happiness, our consumption behaviour is resulting in massive losses: degraded and collapsing ecosystems, habitats and species. This uncontrolled and unconscious consumption increases pollution and waste. Also, the very essentials of our lives – air, land, and water – become more and more dirty and toxic. Our unbearable habits of overconsumption speed up the lugubrious effects that the climate change has to our surrounding nature.


Unconscious consumption ruins our nature

Our current market economy depends on our continuously increasing consumption so it does everything it can to make us crave, need, shop, and waste more. As a company that sells food products, we can’t hide the fact that we too, are a part of this rather unhealthy market system. However, instead of buying and consuming our products unconsciously, we want to encourage our customers to vote with their wallets when shopping ours or anyone else’s products.

We do need to eat, but what we eat and how the food we eat is produced is what matters. Food is one area where each of us can concretely make a difference to our wellbeing while supporting sustainable and ethical consumption and doing good on a larger scale. Food accounts for about a fifth of the impacts of climate change and by choosing plant based food on your plate you can diminish your carbon footprint.

Picture of crowberry in a Finnish national park in Pyhätunturi

Everything we consume comes from the natural world. Whether it’s mined, extracted, farmed or cut down, groping the planet’s resources for our own superior intentions means that others have less to live on. By reducing the resources we exploit to produce luxury goods for the rich minority, we could provide basic necessities like food, water, health and sanitation for the rest of the world’s population.


Practical natural exploitation

When learning the cause and effect of practical natural exploitation you don’t want to throw trash in the nature. You don’t want to defile your natural source of wellbeing, do you? Nature hobbies urge you to safeguard the environment you forage, move and relax in by all means. And by doing that, you’re also helping us to produce clean and healthy food for those who don’t have the opportunity to go forage for themselves or preserve food for the winter season.

Every choice we make today reveals how much we care for our nature. If we started to make better choices for our environment today we might actually have a chance to prevent the horrifying effects that the climate change possesses to our surrounding nature.

Some call our native nordic herbs weeds, we call them opportunities that help us entice more and more consumers to explore nature and save this lush planet of ours. This dedication to doing good for ourselves and our environment is built into all of our operations from the raw materials and packaging of our products to the services geared towards educating our audiences and guiding them in finding a deeper nature connection.

Picture of a stinging nettle in Finland

The herbs and vegetables we use in our products are either gathered wild or ecologically cultivated and come from our supplier, Finnish herb producer Yrttipaja (Nordic Herbs Oy). They are clean and cultivated in a way that respects the surrounding environment. By preferring farming without harmful pesticides, we give our support to sustainable and organic agriculture in Finland, and by supporting our business, you are also supporting this. We wish to increase peoples' awareness about choosing food that grows naturally and ecologically in their own domestic environment. By preferring Finnish domestic herbs, berries and mushrooms that are natively adapted to our soil and seasons, we support more sustainable farming and Nordic cuisine based on our own natural ingredients.

Read more about our sustainability HERE.

Green Friday movement

In California, the Green Friday movement's purpose is to connect people with the local outdoors for the first time or to rekindle their love for nature by providing free admission to participating state parks. In Finland, we are lucky beyond belief. We don’t just have state parks, but also national parks, wilderness areas, hiking trails, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and even huts that are free for everyone to use and rekindle their love for nature – all year around, for free!

Learn more about Finland's remarkable nature destinations at Or dive deeper into our nearby nature and Finnish taiga forest on our HELSINKI SIGHTS blog.

Picture of a nature trail in a Finnish National Park in Pyhätunturi

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