Picture of a Finnish forest and a Green Friday add

Pauliina Toivanen November 22, 2018

Don't Buy It: Black Friday Destroys Our Environment

Our consumption is resulting in massive losses: degraded and collapsing habitats and species. We recommend you NOT to shop on Black Friday.

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Kuva: sienestäjä ja tatti

Annika Hannus October 12, 2018

Kuin Kulta-Jaskan jättipotti - erään sienestäjän tarina

Tekstiilisuunnittelija Matleena Kehus on innokas sienestäjä. Lue Matleenan vinkit sienestyksen aloittamiseen!

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Picture of a midnight sun in Finland

Pauliina Toivanen June 15, 2018

8 Finnish Midsummer Magic Spells

Magic and spells have played a significant role in the Finnish midsummer traditions. In the old days, these spells were used in hopes of love and affection or to forecast a good harvest.

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Picture of Rose Root Truffles sprinkled with Lingonberry Birch Sugar

December 13, 2018

Rose Root Truffles / Ruusujuuritryffelit

Rose root – ginseng of the north – is a powerful herb, which was traditionally used as a highly refreshing plant. It carries a caramel nuance which complements beautifully Christmassy desserts like truffles.

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Picture of a Just Add Wild Mushroom Sauce in Pie with spruce Helsinki Wildfoods

July 05, 2018

Wild Mushroom Pie / Villi sienipiiras

Our Wild Mushroom Sauce can be used to make sauces, soups and stews, but it also works really nice as a pie filling. 

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Picture of a vegan Blueberry Angelica Nice Cream Sandwich Cake, mustikka-väinönputki jäätelökakku

June 06, 2018

Blueberry Angelica Nice Cream Cake (vegan)

Give our Blueberry Crush an extra twist with Angelica. Angelica is a powerful Finnish herb that grows wild in the Arctic parts of our country. It makes a perfect match with sour flavours found from Nordic berries.

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Parlez-vous français? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parla italiano? Snakker du norsk? Talar du svenska?

Our retailers are happy to serve you in your own language. Just click the link below, order online or visit their stores on the spot!

France, Château: Sarl Sainitude
Germany: Finnflavours, Unkultiviert
Italy: PolarDeli
Norway, Hokksund: Ett Friskere Liv – Din Helseoase
Sweden, Stockholm: Happy Food Store



Helsinki Wildfoods offers workshops that take you on a guided tour of Finnish nature – foraging walks, Finnish herbal sauna retreats, natural movement workouts, forest bathing (wildfulness), DIY herbal soap and herb tea workshops.

Our workshops are held mainly in Finnish but we are happy to offer them also in English or Swedish. You can find the upcoming events below or on Facebook.


Easy Autumn Escape from City Life - Laajalahti, Espoo

September 30, 2018

Easy Autumn Escape from City Life - Laajalahti, Espoo

Sunny and crispy autumn days are excellent time to take your bike and head for a tour around Laajalahti area following the bike route, which runs along the beach lines of both Helsinki and Espoo.

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Picture of a Finnish man in nature in Uutela, Vuosaari, Finland

August 31, 2018

The Wild Wild East of Helsinki – Uutela, Vuosaari

What to do on a grey day in Helsinki? Hop on a subway and take a time travel to the remains of Ice Age. The recreation area of Uutela is filled with exquisite lagoons, smooth glaciated cliffs and fresh wild food.

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Picture of a Nordic bearded man gazing a pond in Viikki-Vanhankaupunginlahti, Helsinki nature sight

June 10, 2018

Helsinki Sights: Viikki-Vanhankaupunginlahti

Escape to a nordic jungle just a short bike, metro or bus ride away from the city center of Helsinki! Learn to recognize the edible plants in the area of Viikki-Vanhankaupunginlahti filled with magical groves and breathtaking reed beds.

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The Nordic diet has been raising interest as a regional alternative for the well known Mediterranean diet as it highlights the use of healthy and seasonal foods. But why do our customers enjoy the taste of taiga?